Activities & Attractions

Whether you want to browse world-class art museums or witness a Wild-West shootout, Arizona’s got you covered. Come explore the wide range of things to keep you busy in Arizona.

Tucson Warehouse and Transfer Company mural
Collection of neon signs reading "Frankie & Johnnie's Tavern

Cities & Towns

Get a sense of some of the big cities and small towns that make each corner of Arizona unique. The former mining town of Bisbee is now funky artist colony, while Tombstone is 100% darned-tootin’ Old West. And yes, you really can “stand on the corner” in Winslow, Arizona. Phoenix, one of the largest cities in the US, has every modern convenience, and Tucson has a world-class university and some of the best food in America. And best of all, they’re all nestled beneath those big blue Arizona skies.

Parks and Natural Wonders

So much of Arizona is filled with spectacular scenery . . . including that little gem called the “Grand Canyon” . . . spectactular! But Arizona has amazing parks and natural wonders all over the state.. . . from majestic mountains to giant cacti to ancient cliff dwellings. Grab your hiking boots (or your camera!) and be prepared to be wowed.

Road Trips and Cars

Arizona’s wide-open spaces just spell “road trip”: hop in the car and take a drive through spectacular scenery and terrific towns. We give you plenty of ideas for itineraries motoring through the state.