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When you’re looking to explore Arizona, you want to know as much as possible about what you’ll find. Whether it’s your first time, or your hundredth, or even if you live here, there’s always more to discover. And you want to make every second count. The perfect road trip route, the best hotel for your budget, that hidden gem of a hot dog stand.

It’s all about finding the perfect trip for YOU.

But after you’ve scoured the Internet and read through a bunch of guidebooks (yes, they still print them!), you can’t help but wonder…

Why does all the information sound exactly the same (or like a press release)?

Where are the useful tips? The hidden gems?

Who wrote this stuff . . . was it a real person, or one of those AI Bot thingies? 🤖

And then you’ve got to filter through all this (mediocre) noise while you balance the interests of your traveling companions, who might be a spouse/partner, group of friends or grumpy tweens. You might get so exasperated that you’re ready to forget the whole trip and settle for streaming Raising Arizona on Netflix.

And that would be a shame.

Because Arizona is a magical place. (And that movie is a little weird.)

I’m here to help.

Hello! I’m Larissa, the “Arizona Journeywoman”

I’m a full-time traveler and travel writer/blogger who has written about Arizona in USA TODAY and other publications.

Even though I’m on the road most of the time, I spend several months a year exploring Arizona–and I never get bored.

I believe this state has something for everyone, and I’m determined to rise above the clutter to give you travel information that’s useful, interesting, and written by a real live human.

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  • Member :: SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) :: 2013 to present
  • Founder and CEO :: Arizona Journey :: 2020 to present
  • USA Today 10Best Local Expert :: 2018 to present
  • Silver Award, Best Travel Blog:: Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards (“Changes in Longitude” Blog) :: 2013

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